Album Release Date / First Listen

We are pleased to announce that The Nobility’s full-length album #3, Ashford Castle, finally has a release date: February 19th, 2016. For the generous Kickstarters who contributed to the making of said album, you will be receiving your much-deserved rewards in the next couple of weeks.

Once again, our sincerest gratitude to everyone for their patience on this. Recording music can be an arduous task and it has most definitely taken us longer than expected to get these songs into the shape they needed to be in. We’re convinced that, in the end, it was time well-spent. You’ve waited a long time, so here is some actual music to listen to – a song from the upcoming record called “On The Sly.” Please enjoy:

Also, we may be playing shows in your town in coming months… stay tuned for tour details!

Auld Lang Syne and happy 2016 to you all!