Kickstarter / October 7th

After nearly 13 years of DIY everything, the Nobility will launch its first-ever ‘Help Us Record a New Album’ campaign, beginning Tuesday, October 7th. It’s songs like these that will be on the hypothetical record:

Explanatory links and other great stuffs are on their way. In the meantime, know that we sincerely love you all. XO



Nobility Sean, Nobility Stephen and Sara Beth Geoghegan form a musical alliance this Saturday in a musical benefit rock show for the victims of the recent Phillipine typhoon. My So Called Band headlines (and Sean makes a few cameos). Missing this will be so lame.


New Drummer/New Show

If you haven’t been introduced to The Nobility’s new drummer, listen to him tell you about his life until this point (click on the picture).

Also, the band will be performing in Nashville, Tennessee at the High Watt on August 14. The Nobility will start right at 9:00, with Super Water Sympathy to follow immediately. If you have questions, come find us on twitter.

aug 14 digital poster


The Nobility

El Tambor

The Nobility is proud to announce the addition of drummer William Hawke Medders, the band’s first certified scuba diver.


To get to know Will a little better, questionologist Dr. Morris Gregwire sat down for an interview:

Will – how are you doing, dentally speaking?

I floss every day. Momma used to say, “Stay true to your teeth when you’re young lest they be false to you when you’re old.”

What were the contents of your last vomit?

Canned tuna and saltine crackers. The sickness was the result of underwater vertigo caused by a reverse block while scuba diving in Kentucky. Sometimes I eat tuna and saltines to offset the cost of my more expensive hobbies.

To whom do you currently owe an apology?

My weekly trivia team known as Truck-Boat-Truck. Sorry I wagered 20 points in the double-down-round that Reba McEntire was the original performer of “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.”

Now, what number of sunscreen protection do you use?

Spray-on Coppertone 30 SPF. But I wish I could justify the expense of Hawaiian Tropic if only for the smell.

What is your ‘jeans I own’ to ‘jeans I actually wear’ ratio?


Finish this sentence: Self-esteem hit an all time low when _____:

I took a girl on a date to see the symphony orchestra when I was a freshman in college. Having spent all of my cash on our dinner at TGI Friday’s beforehand, I didn’t have enough money to exit the parking garage after the show. I explained my debacle to the parking attendant, who observed my suit and shiny shoes, shook her head, and opened the lift gate with a disgusted look on her face. The car was silent for the hour-long drive back to campus. We never spoke again.

Name some people who probably think you are an idiot.

Any of my married friends’ wives.

What is your favorite song about California?

“Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny. The song really has nothing to do with California, but it just sounds like it should.

What will your grandparent name be?


And finally, would you kindly indulge us by writing a haiku about scuba diving?

underwater vis’

is about from me to you

milky haze, crawdad