Patience & Fortitude

To all you generous Nobility Kickstarter backers:

Just wanted to send along a quick hello as well as some reassurance that we have not forgotten that we’re supposed to be making an album right now. We are indeed still chipping away, but unfortunately haven’t been able to move as quickly as we had originally hoped. We’ll spare you the boring details, but rest assured that we are working as quickly as our little Nobility calendars will allow. As of now, we are aiming for an early 2016 release to the general public. However, as loyal Nobility backers, you will be receiving the music (as well as your other rewards) much sooner than that.

Speaking of calendars, one exciting bit of news is that in August we will be recording a brand new Nobility tune for the B-side of our 7″ vinyl release, featuring the ridiculously talented and nice The Secret Sisters on lead vocals. We’re quite stoked about it.

In case you’re interested, here’s how the album is shaping up so far:

1. Ashford Castle
2. Wonderful Night
3. Heart Is Strange
4. Rollin’ in the Aisle
5. I Can’t Tell You Why
6. Sharks
7. Mrs. Judy May
8. Alone
9. On the Sly
10. Walk Into The Light
11. Hope You Still (Want to Be Loved) – featuring The Secret Sisters (7″ vinyl B-Side)

Thank you again for your generosity, both with your finances and patience. We think this album is going to be worth the wait.

The Nobility

Official Nobility Kickstarter reward t-shirt and Hatch Show Print poster, as seen in their natural habitat. All Kickstarter rewards will be disbursed along with completed album

Official Nobility Kickstarter reward t-shirt and Hatch Show Print poster, as seen in their natural habitat. All Kickstarter rewards will be disbursed along with completed album

New Album Progress Report

Generous/Patient Friends and Loved Ones,

Hello again. We think of you often and how grateful we are for the chance you gave us to record another album-worth of our music. We are still very much humbled by your incredible generosity.

We wanted to give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to since the end of our Kickstarter campaign in October:

After several months of rehearsing and, for at least one of us, becoming a father, we spent four days at Reel Recording studio at the end of April getting the best possible live takes of guitars, bass, drums and piano/keyboards. Having accomplished this mission, we are now in the throes of piecemeal-ing nights, afternoons and lunch breaks together at Cheyenne’s home studio to record vocals, handclaps, trombones, power drills, etc. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In an ideal scenario, we hope to complete the recording/mixing process by the beginning of July, have the songs mastered shortly thereafter, and then send it off to be pressed into a physical album. If all goes as planned, we could potentially have something in your hands and ears by Labor Day. Either way, as soon as it’s all done, The Nobility Swag Machine will start cranking out your hard-earned Kickstarter rewards and Three Men and a Baby reenactments. Making an album is sometimes a tedious process, but like the motto on The Nobility family crest says, “Patience and Fortitude.”

Again, let us reiterate our gratitude to you all for helping make this project possible. We literally couldn’t be doing this without you. Can’t wait for you to hear this album.

Love you,

The Nobility

New Album Recording / Phase One

We had a lovely time with our pals Erik and Mark at Reel Recording, laying down the basic skeletal system of 9 songs for the new album. We’re seriously excited about round two next month and filling in the blood and guts with vocals, handclaps, tubas and whatnot. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram (@thenobility) for more sights and eventually… sounds.

Some behind the scenes from last week:

copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-2 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-3 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-4 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-5 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-6 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-7 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-8 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-9 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-10 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-11 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-12 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-13 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-14 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-15 copyright-stephen-jerkins-and-the-nobility-2015-16

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It’s The Final Countdown

Recording for Nobility full-length record #3 begins next week! We’re stoked and ready.

For all you kind Kickstarter contributors – give us a few weeks for the recording dust to settle and we’ll get you all the details about your much deserved swag rewards!

XOXO, The Nobility

Scenes from the past few weeks:

Copyright-The-Nobility-2015-A Copyright-The-Nobility-2015-B Copyright-The-Nobility-2015-C


Thank You For Being a Friend

A big, sincere thank you to everyone who helped make our Kickstarter a success! You know who you are… and so do we. In no particular order:

Cory & Brad Jones, Alex Rugh, Pam Murphy, Julie Moran, Gerald Jerkins, Jason Isbell, Jule Medders, Brian Mansfield, David Rubio, Ryan Williams, Coach Matt Manley, Rob Argo, Tera Murdock, Stacey Roosevelt, John Grimsley, Melinda & Rob Neely, Matt Elliott, Joel Hoggard, Aaron Snow, Ashley Chandler, Michael & Jamie Jerkins, Donnie Stover, David & Pam Murphy, The Dude, Victor Huckabee, Desmond Simmons, Katie Medders, Ben Harper, Joni Collopy, John Van Mol, Roger Ferguson, Julia Smith, Brooke Vines, Lydia & Mark Slagle, Eryn Jones, Rosemary Fossee, Stephanie Luke, Joann King, Daniel Larson, Jonathan & Leslie Jerkins, Jen McDonald, Rachel Ogilvie, Tiffany Fox, Jen Thompson, Sara Beth Geoghegan, Kyle & Nancy Floyd, Holly Anderson, Manager Brad & Alicia Eatherly, David Dewese, Jerry James, Ellisha King, Susan Rouwhorst, Tim C., Shelby Beamon, Diane Allen, Jeff Thomas, Courtney Steele, Bart Blasengame, Michael Cox, Vanessa Simpson, Logan Lee, Patrick Chappell, Jonathan Echols, Michael O’Dell, Christopher Stewart, Amber Barnett, Susan Rubio, Mike Ferguson, Laura Jansen, Mandy Raff, Taylor Burgess, Bill, Brandon, Amber, Jonathan Waddell, John Mason, Laurie Netterville, Nikki & Chris Jerkins, Kathryn Hamilton, Adrian Cobb, Dave Clayton, Brian Wilson, Marie & Brian Fuzzell, Zach Collier, Leia Grady, Wendy Joachim, Rebecca Giles, Devin Monoghan, Phillip Maxwell, Seth Daggett, Rocky & Ashley Wyatt, Adam McIntyre, John Mayes, Becky Jones , Jon Lee, Tracia Rapin , Brandon Ragsdale, Carson Medders, Diana & Dan Ballenger, Pat Davis, Gary & Karen Jerkins, Brian Carter, Frank Thurman, Melanie Moran, Craig Hodge, Grant Burke, Katie & Troy Link, Adria Heimburger, Betsega Bekele, Lucie Canfield, Sherrie Wilson, Dori Howard, Ti Scodi Ink Lop Bod, Melody England, Layne Ihde, Todd Lloyd, Jennifer Loza, Corrado Studios, Dallas Henderson, Evie Coates, Thomas & Greta Gatley, Alan Horn, Ben McDonald, Sara Gwinn, Matt Snow, Adam Halford, Joe Terry, Pete ‘The Beat’ Traisci, Holly Mathews, Glenn Simmons, Jim Arnett, Aaron Bucy, Lydia Primm, Sara Fuchsia , Robinette Gaston, Thomas Griffith, Dan Brawner, David Knox, Michael Eades, Luke Duncan and Handmade South, Daniel Speer, Ray Patton, David Nowers, Shawn Rowland, Brian Jerkins, Nathan Buttrey, Casey & Greg Cunningham, Isaac Alexander, Jamie Chitty, Sam Smith, Nathan Jerkins, Olivia Lee, Merry Anderson , Joey Crawford, Jason & Andrea Ballenger, Barry Dunlap, Russ & Amy Turman, Richard Vance, Tiff Snow, Michael Logen, Rich & Mindy Painter, Jordan House, Chris Hare, Josh Watson , Cynthia Bennett, James Yasko, Courtney Hirscheider, Eddy Efaw, Hillary Yeager, John Dunbar, Jay Harnden, Erica Lindsey, Karen Gibbs, Cory Martin, Andee Cone, Susan King, Ian Thomas

This one’s for you:

The Nobility Kickstarter: Going For Vinyl!

CONTEST ALERT: At the time of this post, roughly 16 hours remain on our Kickstarter campaign, we want to make sure you have every incentive possible to contribute to the making of our next album. That’s why we’re offering this… if the 170th backer of our project donates $170 or more, not only will they get all the typical Kickstarter swag, they’ll also receive this action figure of NFL legend, Bubby Brister. The poise and grace that he demonstrated on the gridiron can now be on display in your living room or den year around. Act now!!